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Australia's Technology Incubators - # 2

After the earliest stages of support, companies have no one to turn to

The investment capital situation for Aussie start-ups is like a system of drip feeding that is designed to last for a year but is finished after only three months. After the earliest stages of support, companies have no one to turn to. Compare that to the United States, where pension funds invest heavily in venture capital funds, which in turn identify and fund start-up companies in incubators. That gives start-ups an opportunity to get capital exactly when they need, just as their growth is taking off. In 2013, Pricewaterhouse Coopers reported that business cultures in North America are much less sensitive to failure than the social and economic climate of Australia. Because Australians have a greater fear of failure, and because the consequences of failure are greater, the climate for start-ups in Australia is deadly. That drives new companies to seek out incubator programs instead of having the confidence to remain on their own and find the resources that they need. The lack of regulation of incubators in Australia increases the risk of exploitative behavior on the part of the programs. More and more incubators are promising things they can't deliver and unrealistically inflating the hopes of start-ups. Incubators that charge fees for a program that promises fast success, often through the sale of training and development packages, very often "graduate" a start-up from their program quickly after obtaining a lot of money, and sometimes equity, from the company. Usually, all that money simply is wasted. Start-ups should be wary of incubators that offer such programs, since these incubators tend to keep the company focused on things other than developing products and identifying markets.

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