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Australia's Technology Incubators - # 3

Start-ups are encouraged to beware of unwise schemes

In spite of all this, Aussie incubators are booming. Even the government at the federal, state and even sometimes local level have their own programs. Telcos and universities have programs, too. Large Fortune 50 companies have both incubator programs and VC funds. Wealthy families, angel investors and entrepreneurs are all looking to invest in tech start-ups, and the Australian Small Scale Offerings Board and other capital boards are also getting into the game. Not many of these programs, however, have the experience or history of success to be able to deliver on what they promise. Those start-ups considering an incubator need to find graduates of the programs and find out how the program worked for them. There are successful incubators in Australia. Sydney's Australian Technology Park, for example, has received significant praise from the industry. But that's not true of all incubators. Many of them spend too much energy on providing facilities and development schemes without allowing companies time to work on the things that really matter, such as market research and product development. The best of Australian start-up companies will likely get the help they need, either here or abroad. But start-ups are encouraged to beware of unwise schemes as they are beginning to grow. Start-ups almost never have the funds they need, but time is more precious even than money, and lost time isn't easily made up for.

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