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Start-up Incubators Can Do Harm - #3

Potential red flags before you sign a contract

Finally, watch out for programs that are only interested in getting as much money or equity from you as possible. Ethical programs want your company to succeed quickly and with minimal expense. It's up to you, unfortunately, to find these potential red flags before you sign a contract, and you should not sign until you've explored all the areas I've mentioned. Getting a formal legal opinion may require an outlay of a few thousand dollars, but that's better than entering into a deal that will cost you much more in the end. Don't forget, too, that you should consider whether you even need to consider an incubator or accelerator. A quickly growing category of services specializes in providing testing to see if you truly have an investment-worthy business idea. These services include Javelin, a service that will help you to determine if there is a market for your idea. QuickMVP and Javelin's Experiment Board can help both start-ups and mature businesses get ready to present their ideas to potential investors.

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Greg Twemlow is a business consultant with more than 25 years experience working internationally and developing an extensive, valuable business network. His skill set combines technical expertise with business savvy and creativity, making him the ideal consultant in challenging situations in which delays or cost overruns are simply out of the question. He has helped the brightest people and the best companies in a broad range of industries to be successful as they dealt with complex, high-value initiatives. Whether you have a greenfield project or one that has lost momentum, Greg Twemlow will take charge and allow you to put your energy into running your business. Greg Twemlow provides wisdom and experience to your project, regardless of whether it's a brand new endeavor, an existing company in need of revitalization, or project that requires an exit strategy. Advising, consulting, strategizing, devising, implementing, managing, mentoring--these are the things that Greg Twemlow does every day.

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